I'm creating a place for conversational AI folks to meet and learn

Real people, real knowledge, real imposter syndrome :-)

About Convoclub

Hi there, I'm Maaike, and this is Convoclub, your go-to place for everything conversation design and generative Ai! If you know me a little bit, you know that I love sharing knowledge and learnings on conversation design with like-minded people - like you! So that's why I decided to create this space dedicated to sharing and learning together. Talk to you soon!

Why You Should Join 

Get access to my free content, resources, and my office hours! You'll find loads of useful information that will help you level up your conversation design career. And hey, it's not just the hard skills that we need, right? We all know that imposter syndrome is real...Yup, me too - been there, doing that and still waiting for the t-shirt. So if you'd like some companionship on your personal development journey: count me in!